Are We Getting A Halo 5 Reveal Tomorrow?


Well trusted industry insider @shinobi602, has tweeted “Oh shit…what’s this…” followed by an image of Master Chief (pictured above) with #tomorrow attached to the photo. Then he followed the tweet up with another tweet saying #Halo5. Shinobi then went on to say, “What I’ve been told is embargo lifts tomorrow. 6 AM. East coast.” Shinobi then confirmed in a conversation with a follower, that it will not be Halo 2 Anniversary Edition news. Even though E3 is just around the corner, it’d make sense for them to reveal it as it seems Microsoft is trying to pull in as many sales as it can for it’s Xbox One, like doing things such as making a Kinectless Xbox One purchasable. Let me know what you guys think down in the comments, and as always keep it here with as at GamersFTW for the latest in gaming news, reviews and articles.


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